A Komodo dragon coming out of the woods

A close up of a Komodo fragon

A Komodo dragon gathers air samples with its tongue to detect food.

It was amazing to swim alongside these large creatures which measured over 3 metres from wing-tip to wing-tip.

Lovely variety of coral seen during one of our snorkelling trips.

A Kingfisher sitting on a branch by the river.

Mother Orang-utan and child

A young orang-utan in the jungle

This greedy fellow didn't want to share.

A Family Portrait

This fellow was nicknamed King.

After the milk at the feeding station was gone, the bowl became a hat.

A troop of Proboscis Monkeys we passed as we cruised the Sekonyer River

A Proboscis Monkey by watching our boat go up the river.

The monkeys would try to jump across the 15 metre river. It usually ended in a splash but then they would clamber ashore.

Water Buffalo working the field

One of the many friendly faces we saw in Indonesia. An amazingly hospitable people.

Rice is a major commodity in Indonesia and we saw many rice paddies in our travels.

Rice is a major commodity in Indonesia and we saw many rice paddies in our travels.

We spent some time with this 78 year-old rice farmer.

This man herded the ducks to the fields in the morning to eat bugs and then herded them home at night. A very benign pesticide.

Sunset from the top of Boroburdur Temple

A temple in the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary in Bali

Just hanging around with friends

Boroburdur Temple in the hazy light of dawn

This is the beach at our hotel in Bali. It looks rather dreamy because my lens fogged up in the humidity.

Our villa at Plataran Boroburdur.
Our home for two nights in Flores
Breakfast on the river in Borneo
Monkeys ahead
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